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Processing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Coverage Requirements for Specific Employment Situations

Board Assessments

Information and forms to pay quarterly Board assessments

Insurer Listings

Insurer ID (W Number)

Insurers and employers who have been approved to self-insure for workers’ compensation benefits in New York State are assigned a 7-character identification number beginning with a W (known as a “W Number” or “Insurer Code (ID) Number”) by the Workers’ Compensation Board. This number is used to identify workers’ compensation coverage in the Board’s insurance coverage system and to gain access to electronic case files for workers’ compensation claims (eCase) and filing of required documentation.

3C Coverage

Insurers writing out-of-state employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policies who are not authorized to write workers’ compensation and employers' liability coverage in New York by the NYS Department of Financial Services, must file the Consent to NYS Workers’ Compensation Board Jurisdiction for Non-New York Licensed Insurers (3C Coverage) with the Chair for 3C coverage to apply on a policy.

Online Services

Find links to all available online services from the Board.

Health Insurer Match Program (HIMP)

The Health Insurance Matching Program (HIMP) provides a mechanism for health insurers to seek reimbursement from employers and workers' compensation insurers for payments made for treatment that should have been covered by a workers' compensation claim.

XML Submission Partner Designation

Effective October 1, 2021, payers are required to have one or more designated Board-approved XML submission partners. At least one XML submission partner should be designated by October 30, 2021.

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