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Subject Number 046-882 Changes to the List of Health Care Providers Authorized to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

September 12, 2016

Pursuant to Workers’ Compensation Law § 13-b, a provider must be licensed and registered with the New York State Education Department in order to maintain a Workers’ Compensation Board authorization(s).

The following have been removed from the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system based on information provided by the New York State Education Department indicating that they do not currently have an active license to practice medicine in New York State.

Anderson, Ernest Theodore Rochester 047398-3W July 14, 2016
Antony, Ajit I. New Windsor 124967-1W July 14, 2016
Asley, David S. Smithtown 175496-9W July 14, 2016
Block, Bruce N. Kew Gardens P02531-2B July 14, 2016
Blumenfeld, Serge Sleepy Hollow 073157-0W July 14, 2016
Boskin, Melvin West Babylon 084958-8B July 14, 2016
Cassano, Michael Garden City P03713-5B July 14, 2016
Chandrankunnel, Joseph M. Dix Hills 123039-0W July 14, 2016
Coniglio, Steven John New York C05592-3B July 14, 2016
Cornish, Richard Michael Stroudsburg 189339-6W July 14, 2016
Cunningham, Lauren Christine Cooperstown 274290-6W July 14, 2016
Dadow, John E. Syracuse 127115-4W July 14, 2016
De Sai, Shashikant Ochhavlal Fishkill 110547-7W July 14, 2016
Diachun, Carol Ann Bezio Rochester 217714-5W July 14, 2016
Duncan, Coley Bryant Lubbock 243467-8W July 14, 2016
Eisen, Seth D. Massapequa 143891-0W July 14, 2016
Franklin, Moira Louise New York 101118-8W July 14, 2016
Friedlander, Bruce W. Brooklyn P03238-3W July 14, 2016
Gerard, Janet Ann Bronx C02956-1B July 14, 2016
Ghajar, Jamshid B. G. New York 152541-9W July 14, 2016
Gold, Michael Seth Fly Creek 103247-3W July 14, 2016
Grandt, Edward Joseph Elmira 086610-3W July 14, 2016
Grover, Donald A. Fairport 120005-4W July 14, 2016
Gulotta, Stephen Joseph Roslyn 082715-4W July 14, 2016
Gutman, Aaron J. Hollis P02162-6W July 14, 2016
Halstead-Kenny, Jennifer Jean Avondale 243161-7W July 14, 2016
Henschel, Leonard P. Kew Gardens 081936-7B July 14, 2016
Hirsh, Fredric M. Palm Beach Gardens 120357-9B July 14, 2016
Hsu, Hwei Kang Getzville 126768-1W July 14, 2016
Kanestrin, Lori Jean East Setauket C07125-8B July 14, 2016
Khan, Sana Bayside 274039-7W July 14, 2016
Klein, Ira Livingston 190135-4W July 14, 2016
Knott, Anthony Frederick Montauk 232102-4W July 14, 2016
Lawrence, Camelia Arlene Bridgeport 261036-8W July 14, 2016
Levin, Jonathan New York 198092-9W July 14, 2016
Lindel, Ralph East Meadow C03961-0W July 14, 2016
Mathew, Puthenpurakal Korah Victor 113601-9W July 14, 2016
Mayers, Lester B. Pleasantville 086402-5W July 14, 2016
McQuade, Timothy John Centerport C07223-1W July 14, 2016
Michtom, Alice Donner Ithaca 203299-3W July 15, 2016
Mintz, David T. Scarsdale 046165-7W July 15, 2016
Murphy, Cathleen A. Melville C07306-4B July 15, 2016
Mussman, Martin New York P01539-6W July 15, 2016
Nachmias, Mark A. New York S08633-0I July 15, 2016
Negron, Michol S. Islip 211404-9B July 15, 2016
Nelin, Michael Patrick Coram C09263-7B July 15, 2016
Norante, John Daniel Rochester 103492-5W July 15, 2016
Oller, Helen Suguitan Staten Island 249839-2W July 15, 2016
Oswald, Gail Syracuse S15903-8B July 15, 2016
Paul, Harry Chappaqua S06388-3W July 15, 2016
Perillo, Jason Charles Brooklyn C09214-0B July 15, 2016
Pletman, Robert J. Schenectady 077182-4W July 15, 2016
Reichman, Frederic L. New York S07513-5W July 15, 2016
Reilly, Robert C. Oxford 235350-6B July 15, 2016
Rodriguez-Morillo, Luis Alfredo Binghamton 269344-8W July 15, 2016
Roeder, Werner Joseph Scarsdale 097289-3W July 15, 2016
Savoy, Timothy Jason Utica C12345-7W July 15, 2016
Schaye, Edward Zach New York 096999-8B July 15, 2016
Schlesinger, Jay Leslie Hauppauge S11153-4W July 15, 2016
Schmidt, Herbert Port Jefferson 078291-2W July 15, 2016
Schofield, David M. Elmira P02682-3W July 15, 2016
Sharkey, Irwin New York 090454-0W July 15, 2016
Stern, Christine Coram P04301-9B July 15, 2016
Tafreshi, Michael Mahmood Old Westbury 098350-2W July 15, 2016
Tailor, Unnati Patchogue 259468-7W July 15, 2016
Tonetti, John Edward Beacon 173435-9W July 15, 2016
Turco, Katherine Helena Marie Williamsville 264974-7W July 15, 2016
Vega, Joshua Rochester 274396-1W July 15, 2016
Velasquez, Norma Villarama Henderson 108288-2W July 15, 2016
Ward, Franklin Stewart Bronx 086210-2W July 15, 2016
Weeks, John Carnes Kingston 151529-5W July 15, 2016
Wirths, Erin Michelle Syracuse 151529-5W July 15, 2016
Witschi, Thomas H. Wading River 087550-0W July 15, 2016
Yorio, Pius William Penfield P01915-9W July 15, 2016
Zajac, Stephen J. Spencerport C02309-5B July 15, 2016

* Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

These providers are prohibited from rendering treatment and care to injured workers and/or from performing independent medical examinations. Reports submitted for services rendered prior to the effective date, are valid, but are invalid for any services rendered on or after that date. Requests to cross-examine any of the above for services rendered prior to the effective date, should not be denied due to the removal of their authorizations.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Kenneth J. Munnelly