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Subject Number 046-656 Chair Announces Change in Administration of Established Uninsured Employers' Fund Claims

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December 20, 2013

The Workers' Compensation Board (Board) will transition the management of established Uninsured Employers' Fund (UEF) claims to the Triad Group, LLC effective January 13, 2014. These claims comprise established claims where liability has been determined, and medical, and/or indemnity payments must be made. Triad will perform all claim-related functions and legal representation. Claimants who have such UEF claims, and all parties of interest, including health care providers and legal representatives, will receive individual written notice of the change in claim administrator.

The transition of claim management should have no impact on claimants receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Claimants who are receiving biweekly indemnity benefits will continue receiving benefits on the same schedule in place today. For medical and transportation reimbursement requests after January 13, 2014, Form C-257, Claimant's Record of Medical and Travel Expenses and Request for Reimbursement must be sent to Triad for processing with a copy to the Board. For medical services provided on or after January 13, 2014, in established cases only, health care providers should send new medical reports, bills and authorization requests to Triad, and a copy to the Board. Previously filed documents should not be re-sent.

Triad has designated Claire Reichl as the point of contact for transitioned UEF claims. Please direct all questions, communication, and correspondence to Ms. Reichl at the following address:

Claire Reichl, Legal Coordinator, Triad Group
185 Jordan Rd
Troy, NY 12180

Phone: 1-(800) 337-7419
Fax: 1-(866) 617-7585

Documents, including medical reports and bills, should also be sent to Ms. Reichl at the above mailing address and fax number.

Where service of a document on the Board is required by law, those documents must still be served on the Board.

Claims that have not been established or require no payments will continue to be administered by the Board's No Insurance Unit. The Board’s Legal Hearings Unit will continue to represent the UEF in such claims.

Robert E. Beloten