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Subject Number 046-514 Workers' Compensation Board Announces Availability of eClaims Trading Partner Registration and Revised eClaims Requirement Tables

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March 1, 2013

On October 31, 2012, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) announced the publication of its NYS eClaims Requirement Tables and NYS Implementation Guide in furtherance of the WCB’s implementation of eClaims, beginning in June 2013. The WCB continues to work closely with a broad range of stakeholders as the implementation of eClaims approaches.

Trading Partner Registration Process

As part of the implementation, the eClaims Trading Partner Registration process is now available on the WCB website. Please review the registration requirements and complete the registration. Trading Partner agreements must be submitted at least 60 calendar days prior to the Trading Partner testing date, which can be found in the eClaims Implementation Plan Schedule. All registrants should carefully review the overview, requirements, and instructions.

Revised eClaims Requirement Tables and Related Documents

The WCB has made changes to the eClaims Requirement Tables and related documents based upon stakeholder feedback and technical requirements. These changes have been published in the NYS eClaims Change Log document. The NYS eClaims Change Log does not list updates made to tables or documents due to typographical errors.

The eClaims Change Log can be accessed from the NY Requirement Tables page on the eClaims section of the WCB website.

Next Steps

Claim Administrators should review the NYS eClaims Change Log and corresponding revisions to the NYS eClaims Requirement Tables and related documents as part of their preparation for full EDI implementation. Any revisions noted in the eClaims Change Log will take effect upon implementation of eClaims. We strongly urge all stakeholders to communicate these changes and updates to both the business and technical representatives within your organization to ensure a successful transition to eClaims.

Questions related to this announcement can be directed to: As the WCB publishes more information, it will be posted on the eClaims section of the WCB website, on the eClaims Overview page under "Claims News".

For more information on the IAIABC Claims EDI Release 3.0 standard, please visit the EDI Implementation Guide section of the IAIABC website at: Questions related to this announcement can be emailed to: For New York specific requirements, implementation schedules, and other resources, please visit the eClaims section of the WCB website ( Click the eClaims logo on the WCB home page to access it.

Robert E. Beloten