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Subject Number 046-1552 July 2022 Removals from the List of Authorized Health Care Providers

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

September 27, 2022

Pursuant to Workers' Compensation Law § 13-b, a provider must be licensed and registered with the New York State Education Department in order to maintain a Workers' Compensation Board authorization(s).

The following have been removed from the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers' compensation system based on information provided by the New York State Education Department indicating that they do not currently have an active license to practice medicine in New York State:

Abissi, Christopher Joseph Phoenixville 137062-6W July 14, 2022
Agrawal, Jugal K. Flushing 110799-4W July 14, 2022
Aguila, Demetrio A., Jr. Norfolk 136456-1W July 14, 2022
Alenick, D. Scott Westwood 164387-3W July14, 2022
Antao, Olavio A. Rochester 158866-4W July 14, 2022
Auerbach, Paul Steven Poughkeepsie 165171-0W July 14, 2022
Axelrad, Alexander Atlantic Beach 170647-2W July 14, 2022
Ayos, Emelita Angeles Center Valley 150176-6W July 14, 2022
Bhatt, Shiv S. Flower Mound 146859-4W July 14, 2022
Blatt, Neil Jersey City P02319-3B July 14, 2022
Bowman, Ralph Edward Port Jervis 167733-5W July 14, 2022
Boxer, Myron Charles Woodmere P02065-2B July 14, 2022
Brock, James Steven Shrewsbury 168229-3W July 14, 2022
Caamano, Victor Michael Potsdam PT018288-1W July 14, 2022
Cali, Joseph Robert Mattituck 088125-1I July 14, 2022
Callahan, Erica Danville C11519-6W July 14, 2022
Campbell, Karli Rena Johnson City PA016230-5W July 14, 2022
Chen, I Seattle OT021218-3W July 14, 2022
Choi, Hee K. Grand Island 122962-4W July 14, 2022
Chu, Jai Ock Elmhurst 110388-6W July 14, 2022
Clabough, Staci Port Jefferson N731419-8W July 14, 2022
Claire, Philip G. Stony Brook 293336-4W July 14, 2022
Cocioba, Rares Ion Winchester 259837-3W July 14, 2022
Connery, Lisa Eve Vera Beach 189380-9B July 14, 2022
Cueva, Polivio A. Corona 102334-0W July 14, 2022
Dasher, George Ellis Gloversville 167898-6W July 14, 2022
Dauber, Stanley E. Getzville P02741-8B July 14, 2022
Dinovis, James Paul Sayville P03232-7B July 14, 2022
Fabbri, Carol Jean N. Syracuse PT006977-3W July 14, 2022
Faccini, Lino Angelo Islip S11517-0W July 14, 2022
Fazio, Linda Frances Northport S07956-6W July 14, 2022
Fernandez, Oscar Emiro Elmhurst 104507-9W July 14, 2022
Friedlander, Charles Norman New York City 104575-6W July 14, 2022
Gaines, Victor D. Poughkeepsie 154174-7W July 14, 2022
Galler, Steven G. Jericho 129708-4W July 14, 2022
Gegerson, Andrew S. Valley Stream P03012-3W July 14, 2022
Gewacke, Marilyn East Nassau S06617-5W July 14, 2022
Gharia, Bharatsinh Mahendrasinh Cooperstown 294604-4W July 14, 2022
Giusti, John Anthony Greenwich C11414-0W July 14, 2022
Glicksman, Steven Jacob New York S08913-6B July 14, 2022
Greenberg, Stephan Michael Hornell 099238-8W July 14, 2022
Gregory, Robert A. D. Nanuet C00136-2W July 14, 2022
Guttikonda, Veeranjaneya V. Tempe 135854-8W July 14, 2022
Gyuratz, Peter Kew Gardens Hills PA014155-6W July 14, 2022
Haig, Armen Charles Scarsdale 092032-2W July 14, 2022
Heilman, Ellin Marcia Scarsdale S12546-8W July 14, 2022
Henderson, Denise Llyn Henrietta S09875-6I July 14, 2022
Hennessey, William J. Troy 120355-3W July 14, 2022
Hui, William Manwai Great Neck C04309-3B July 14, 2022
Ishak, Mark-Mina Maher Highland Mills 296442-7B July 14, 2022
Jalowiec, David P. Herkimer C03815-0B July 14, 2022
Janvier, Marie Lodie Bronx C10311-1B July 14, 2022
Johnstone, Annette Webster PT007411-3W July 14, 2022
Kalmuk, Eugene James, Jr. Canton 161345-4W July 14, 2022
Kanes, Melissa Panayiota Manhasset Hills C08089-7I July 14, 2022
Kapotes, Charles Nicholas Manhasset Hills S00653-6B July 14, 2022
Kienitz, Beverly A. Madison 211234-0W July 14, 2022
King-Adekunle, Dorinda Amun New York P06239-9B July 14, 2022
Kircher, Barbara Jean Rochester 242007-3W July 14, 2022
Kolanchick, Gary J. Kittery 142539-6B July 14, 2022
Kricheff, Irvin I. Teaneck 086021-3W July 14, 2022
Laforest, Jean J. Baldwin 132993-7W July 14, 2022
Lamb, Charles William Cooperstown S03704-4W July 14, 2022
Lau, Yat Hong Loudonville 185508-9W July 14, 2022
Leader, Eric Theodore Auburn C07334-8W July 14, 2022
Lee, Yeong H. Batavia 122714-9W July 14, 2022
Lew, Ewa Maria West Pittston 217014-0W July 14, 2022
Locke, Clyde R. Amagansett 093260-8W July 14, 2022
Longo, Anthony Monroe C02094-3W July 14, 2022
Maniscalco, Philip L. Tarrytown S11344-9W July 14, 2022
Martin, Claire Rena Ballston Spa PT010625-5W July 14, 2022
Martin, Timothy Trout Run PT044196-3W July 14, 2022
Mcmenamy, John Michael New York 257838-3B July 14, 2022
Messerschmitt, Joshua Jacob Seneca Falls AC006501-1W July 14, 2022
Meyers, Michael B. Denver 121038-4W July 14, 2022
Miller, Joseph Alan Victor C07054-2B July 14, 2022
Miller, Samuel L. Brooklyn 101754-0W July 14, 2022
Minardi, Alexander Frank East Islip S08253-7W July 14, 2022
Moody, Yasmeen A. Burdett 147355-2W July 14, 2022
Ohene, Baah Nana Yaw Fairport 293385-1W July 14, 2022
Okpukpara, Onyinye Obianuju West Harrison 258078-5W July 14, 2022
Orenstein, Hadassah Lee Great Neck 154444-4W July 14, 2022
Ott, Gary R. Deadwood 128707-7W July 14, 2022
Padmanabhan, Vellore T. Port Washington 111481-8W July 14, 2022
Parillo, Jack P. Buskirk 145074-1W July 14, 2022
Parsont, Lawrence M. New York 128401-7W July 14, 2022
Partridge, Henry Seymour Glen Head 105496-4B July 14, 2022
Pass, Harold L. Smithtown S05095-5B July 14, 2022
Patel, Yogendra R. Staten Island 120705-9B July 14, 2022
Patil, Devina Omeidi Mineola 287914-6W July 14, 2022
Pfohl, George W. Orchard Park 144747-3W July 14, 2022
Piechowiak, Rachel Lynn Woodbridge 260214-2W July 14, 2022
Pillari, George Peter Jupiter 100029-8W July 14, 2022
Port, Michael William Melville 160854-6W July 15, 2022
Pratt, Kattie Mae Glens Falls PT033398-6W July 14, 2022
Realuyo, Amelia R. New York 100745-9W July 14, 2022
Rekhi, Neeta Rochester 123241-2W July 14, 2022
Rimawi, Kathryn Tara Schenectady OT023706-9W July 14, 2022
Roman, Joseph Florida S08457-4W July 14, 2022
Rose, Alan Bay Shore 097643-1W July 14, 2022
Rosen, Michael R. White Plains 121266-1B July 14, 2022
Rosso, David Michael Travis Afb 192501-5W July 14, 2022
Roth, Allen Westbury P03200-4B July 14, 2022
Sandhu, Baldev S. Englewood Cliffs 161451-0W July 14, 2022
Sharma, Hari Har Cary 110375-3W July 14, 2022
Sheikh, Amjad Ghani Irving 200248-3W July 14, 2022
Shvilkina, Tatyana Framingham 303904-7W July 14, 2022
Simon, Jeffrey M. Carmel S06767-8B July 14, 2022
Song, Juho Latham 162399-0W July 14, 2022
Spring, Camberly Ipson Rochester 249079-5W July 14, 2022
Stumacher, Mark Jay Danbury 134980-2W July 14, 2022
Sulaiman, Tasneem Huntington Station 130099-5B July 14, 2022
Tempesta, Reno Eastport 089436-0W July 14, 2022
Timmins, Edward M. West Islip 190433-3W July 14, 2022
Todd, Jeffrey Andrew Norwich P03816-7B July 14, 2022
Vosseller, James Turner Jacksonville 253715-7W July 14, 2022
Wain, Sydney Old Westbury 086751-5W July 14, 2022
Walker, Jan Mayer Wolcott 185268-0W July 14, 2022
Wallace, Wayne A. Hammondsport 108875-6B July 14, 2022
Watkins, Michael A. Ballston Spa PT006271-2W July 14, 2022
Weinstein, Barry Alan Williamsville 106114-2W July 14, 2022
Weise, Leonard E. Allegany PT005815-7W July 14, 2022
Weisel, Thomas Scott Fishkill 174168-5W July 14, 2022
Wheeler, Jennifer Ann Bergen 241304-5W July 14, 2022
Wiegman, Nelson Eric Lowville 303847-8W July 14, 2022
Wizorek, Joseph John Rochester 286292-8W July 14, 2022
Wood, William Benedict Palm Beach 084340-9W July 14, 2022
Yankey, Godfred Kwame-Nyamekech Fresno 253865-0W July 14, 2022

*Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

These providers are prohibited from rendering treatment and care to injured workers and/or from performing independent medical examinations. Reports submitted for services rendered prior to the effective date are valid but are invalid for any services rendered on or after that date. Requests to cross-examine any of the above for services rendered prior to the effective date should not be denied due to the removal of their authorizations.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director's Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez