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Subject Number 046-1121 Updated Independent Medical Examiner List

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December 3, 2018

Earlier this year, the Workers’ Compensation Board initiated a registration process to update the list of authorized Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs).

IMEs were notified that they were required to register with the Board by November 30, 2018, to maintain their authorization. They were advised that failure to register by this deadline would be deemed a refusal to provide information concerning authorization per Workers’ Compensation law section 13-d(2)(f), and that their authorization to perform independent medical examinations in the New York State workers’ compensation system would be rescinded on a contingent basis until they complete their registration.

Independent medical examination reports or testimony from IMEs who failed to register by November 30, 2018, will be valid for examinations performed on or before November 30, 2018, but will be invalid for examinations performed after November 30, 2018.

To reinstate their authorization to perform independent medical examinations, unregistered IMEs must register with the Board. A list of unregistered IMEs is available on the Board’s website.

To find an authorized, registered health care provider or IME, use the Health Care Provider and IME Search on the Board’s website.

For questions regarding the IME registration process, please contact the Medical Director’s Office at (800) 781-2362, option 6.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez