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Subject Number 046-1037 Changes to the List of Health Care Providers Authorized to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

March 8, 2018

Pursuant to Workers’ Compensation Law § 13-b, a provider must be licensed and registered with the New York State Education Department in order to maintain a Workers’ Compensation Board authorization(s).

The following have been removed from the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system based on information provided by the New York State Education Department indicating that they do not currently have an active license to practice medicine in New York State.

Albert, Gary H. Melville 118275-7W January 9, 2018
Ammoumi, Abdel A. New York 113276-0W January 9, 2018
Arango, Pablo Brooklyn 224799-7W January 9, 2018
Baltsas, Pamela Ballew Surfside Beach C08525-0B January 9, 2018
Barrett, Brian Michael Southampton C04084-2W January 9, 2018
Berenstein, Anna Woodside 163158-9W January 9, 2018
Blum, Fred J. Plainview C11155-1W January 9, 2018
Borg, Seth A. Rochester 116880-6W January 9, 2018
Bousvaros, George Larchmont 099905-2W January 9, 2018
Brown, Thomas C. Vestal 107409-5W January 9, 2018
Buschatzke, Richard Michael Cazenovia 153004-7W January 9, 2018
Caruana, Dennis Salvatore Brightwaters 153183-9W January 9, 2018
Chittoria, Namita Syracuse 277113-7W January 9, 2018
Conway, Katie Michele Huntington C11184-1B January 9, 2018
Dodd, Katherine Susan Rochester 274063-7W January 9, 2018
Driscoll, Daniel Joseph Lisle 113141-6W January 9, 2018
Eisenstein, Arthur Leonard New York 104095-5B January 9, 2018
Ferguson, Jane H. Red Hook 132033-2W January 9, 2018
French, Oliver Ithaca 080453-4W January 9, 2018
Friedman, Howard Paul Rockville Centre 081242-0W January 9, 2018
Fuller, Aaron Elzer Potsdam 263619-9W January 9, 2018
Gangemi, Richard John Rochester 107562-1W January 9, 2018
Garcia, Christine Ann Stony Brook 281665-0W January 9, 2018
Glass, Terri Sue East Rockaway 163798-2W January 9, 2018
Guthikonda, Sudhir B. Fulton 142290-6W January 9, 2018
Henline, Donald William Snohomish 204678-7I January 9, 2018
Henson, Ruth De Guzman Oldsmar 275525-4W January 9, 2018
Huntington, Peter Perit Tully 103284-6W January 9, 2018
Hwang, Ben Mau Lian Allegany 126510-7W January 9, 2018
Joki, Jaclyn Beth Warren 273822-7W January 9, 2018
Kamenecka, Henry Rhinebeck 100825-9W January 9, 2018
Kashen, Mark S. Delray Beach 116421-9W January 9, 2018
Kates, Stephen Lloyd Rochester 165777-4B January 9, 2018
King-Asia, Wekesa Brooklyn 197213-2W January 9, 2018
Licalzi, Luke K. Rockville Centre 145729-0W January 9, 2018
Lien, Cynthia Ann New York 166655-1W January 9, 2018
Luidens, Mary Koeppe Albany 168348-1W January 9, 2018
Maiorano, Michael F. Rochester C03753-3W January 9, 2018
Musso, Deborah Gay New York C05091-6W January 9, 2018
Nwafor, Peter Okechukwu Elmira 247276-9W January 9, 2018
Obrien, Brendan M. Rochester 273735-1W January 9, 2018
Oleary, Michael Robert Manlius 138763-8W January 9, 2018
Ozoktay, Sezen Z. New York 137617-7W January 9, 2018
Park, Soon Pyo Fayetteville 145505-4W January 9, 2018
Parmar, Vinodrai Motilal Glens Falls 174265-9W January 9, 2018
Qureshi, Adnan Iqbal Minneapolis 218890-2W January 9, 2018
Rahman, Mayeed Ur Pittsford 121929-4W January 9, 2018
Rhodes, George Anthony New York 113742-1W January 9, 2018
Rise, Richard Glen Cove 185249-0I January 9, 2018
Rizvi, Irfan Adib Corning 266150-2W January 9, 2018
Saluja, Gurbir S. Vernon 115386-5W January 9, 2018
Santana, Ernesto J. Canandaigua 136744-0W January 9, 2018
Schenk, Paul Joseph Scottsdale 172016-8W January 9, 2018
Schwartz, Mark Lawrence Farmingdale 197645-5B January 9, 2018
Serle, Anthony Ross Saint Augustine C09773-5W January 9, 2018
Shulman, Howard Princeton 086291-2W January 9, 2018
Silvers, H. Roy Sanibel 106125-8W January 9, 2018
Spak, Thaddeus J. Huntington Sta. 119994-2B January 9, 2018
Stuart, Philip John Nelson 191124-7W January 9, 2018
Tang, Pak Seong Scarsdale 139311-5W January 9, 2018
Tawiah, Phyllis Hicksville 249469-8W January 9, 2018
Torns, Scott Raymond Commack C08119-2B January 9, 2018
Turcotte, Jan K. Watertown 143676-5W January 9, 2018
Wainberg, Michael Colman Watertown 208730-2W January 9, 2018
Yang Sung Hoon Haymarket 128818-2W January 9, 2018
Yau, Michael S. Fresh Meadows 125659-3W January 9, 2018
Zaroff, Helen Brooklyn C11017-3W January 9, 2018
Zarzecki, Cathy Cortland 211743-0W January 9, 2018

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

These providers are prohibited from rendering treatment and care to injured workers and/or from performing independent medical examinations. Reports submitted for services rendered prior to the effective date are valid, but are invalid for any services rendered on or after that date. Requests to cross-examine any of the above for services rendered prior to the effective date should not be denied due to the removal of their authorizations.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez