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Subject Number 046-1017 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

January 9, 2018

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Abrakhimov, Yakub Anesthesiology Forest Hills 264776-6W December 12, 2017
Dhananjay, Harshini Anesthesiology, Pain Management Flushing 269047-7W December 13, 2017
Frenkel, Joshua Anesthesiology, Pain Management Middletown 289637-1W December 7, 2017
Hannan, Paul John Anesthesiology Brooklyn 250782-0W December 21, 2017
Martinucci, Robert Christopher Anesthesiology Lowville 193476-9W December 14, 2017
Roman, Horatius Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine Syracuse 260317-3W December 11, 2017
Wong, Andrea Calpurnia Anesthesiology, Pain Management Williamsville 288129-0W December 21, 2017
Klein, Morey Sol Cardiovascular West Islip 179422-1W December 19, 2017
Pyo, Robert T. Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Stony Brook 222421-0W December 12, 2017
Cruz, Ashley Nicole Chiropractic Thiells C12888-6W December 27, 2017
Lee, Woo Jae Chiropractic Flushing C12805-0W December 27, 2017
Marcus, Adrian Michael Chiropractic Bronx C07031-0W December 27, 2017
Mitchell, Roger Chiropractic Springfield Gardens C12994-2W December 27, 2017
Roney, Michael Allen Chiropractic Clifton Park C12961-1W December 27, 2017
Melamud, Kira Diagnostic Radiology New York 282880-4W December 27, 2017
Nicholas, Christopher James Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 291531-2W December 21, 2017
Paek, Gina Kyoung Sun Diagnostic Radiology Johnson City 266932-3W December 6, 2017
Patel, Amish Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology New York 258977-8W December 27, 2017
Raz, Eytan Diagnostic Radiology New York 274139-5B December 27, 2017
Soliman, Fatima Diagnostic Radiology Albany 266507-3I December 6, 2017
Funk, Jaime Sarah Emergency Medicine Brewster 285806-6B December 21, 2017
Aldea, Diana Lucy Family Practice Kings Park 237768-7W December 21, 2017
Davydova, Yelena Family Practice Forest Hills 290258-3W December 13, 2017
Dory, Andrea Christina Family Practice Oyster Bay 232732-8W December 11, 2017
Fedor, Justin Phillip Family Practice Cicero 265947-2W December 13, 2017
LaPorta, Jennifer Ann Family Practice Mount Kisco 287545-8B December 26, 2017
Magalhaes, Carlos Jorge Family Practice Westhampton Beach 227578-2B December 6, 2017
Medina, Christopher Ariel Family Practice, Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Westhampton Beach 283559-3B December 12, 2017
Naik, Chandra Lal Family Practice Highland 278457-7W December 28, 2017
Shah, Srishti Family Practice West Sayville 289873-2W December 13, 2017
Pu, Jeffrey Jiayu Hematology Syracuse 241011-6W December 12, 2017
Aleksandrova, Olga Internal Medicine Staten Island 291406-7W December 13, 2017
Dinovitser, Jay Daniel Internal Medicine Ellenville 262529-1W December 13, 2017
Imam, Muneer Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Ctr Moriches 159557-8W December 11, 2017
Joseph, Shamfa Chrystal Internal Medicine Cooperstown 289815-3W December 6, 2017
Kumar, Rajesh Internal Medicine Johnson City 284837-2W December 7, 2017
LaTorre, Grace Natalie Internal Medicine Stony Brook 269540-1W December 6, 2017
Metzger, Qing Jane Internal Medicine, Rheumatology Stony Brook 243996-6W December 6, 2017
Oueida, Zaher Mohamed Ali Internal Medicine Syracuse 290165-0W December 13, 2017
Shelly, Robert Jon Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Williamson 208628-8W December 26, 2017
Yi, Jason Internal Medicine Stony Brook 289702-3W December 21, 2017
Riley, Jonathan Patrick Neurological Surgery Orchard Park 290543-8W December 21, 2017
Roonprapunt, Chanland Neurological Surgery New York 232837-5B December 19, 2017
Tandon, Adesh Neurological Surgery Johnson City 257237-8W December 21, 2017
Sparman, Anthonette Alicia Neurology Brooklyn 284831-5B December 13, 2017
Syritsyna, Olga Neurology Stony Brook 291340-8W December 13, 2017
Xu, Luna Ophthalmology Mount Kisco 271008-5W December 27, 2017
Cavagnaro, Matthew Aaron Orthopedic Surgery Buffalo 280817-8B December 21, 2017
Desir, Woodley Orthopedic Surgery Vestal 280159-5W December 21, 2017
Elguizaoui, Sameh Ashraf Orthopedic Surgery New York 283141-0W December 27, 2017
Farber, Andrew Eric Orthopedic Surgery New York 238648-0B December 27, 2017
Gutnick, Jesse Reed Orthopedic Surgery Syracuse 288644-8W December 6, 2017
Ketonis, Constantinos Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Rochester 291118-8W December 26, 2017
McAnany, Steven Joseph Orthopedic Surgery New York 268193-0W December 11, 2017
Metitiri, Ogheneochuko Ejiro Si Orthopedic Surgery – Hand Surgery Poughkeepsie 289095-2W December 21, 2017
Vorys, George Christian Orthopedic Surgery East Setauket 273311-1W December 12, 2017
Bhatia, Nitin Otolaryngology White Plains 262359-3W December 13, 2017
Engle, Robert David Otolaryngology Albany 283592-4B December 6, 2017
Rosenberg, Richard Arthur Otolaryngology White Plains 147078-0W December 13, 2017
Solomon, Joel L. Pediatrics Queensbury 124635-4W December 7, 2017
Tamburo, Michael Pediatrics Bellmore 253268-7W December 22, 2017
Casey, Ellen Kathleen Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation New York 291169-1W December 11, 2017
Dvoskin, Dmitriy Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Brooklyn 287516-9W December 14, 2017
Pilly, Vikas Kumar Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Derby 244731-6W December 14, 2017
Cohen, Justin Brent Plastic Surgery Garden City 287901-3W December 11, 2017
Aumiller, Gary S. Psychology Hauppauge S08117-4B December 14, 2017
Bobulinski, Michelle E. Psychology Carmel S14656-3B December 14, 2017
Flores-Arman, Angelica Maria Psychology Richmond Hill S22105-1B December 14, 2017
Glickman, Philip Adrian Psychology Brooklyn S21281-1W December 14, 2017
Lakin, Michael Jon Psychology Ithaca S12562-5W December 14, 2017
Lloyd, Scott Emerson Psychology New York S21247-2I December 14, 2017
McDermott, Rebecca Carol Psychology Syracuse S21940-2W December 14, 2017
Pierce, Pamela Jo Psychology Hauppauge S20113-7I December 14, 2017
Sousa, Amber Marie Psychology Lindenhurst S21167-2I December 14, 2017
Heacock, Laura Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology New York 283186-5W December 27, 2017
Wysell, Maryanne Carol Rheumatology Poughkeepsie 188510-2B December 6, 2017
Albright, Jeffrey Burton Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery Syracuse 290382-1W December 26, 2017
Bakoulis, Anastasia Surgery Stony Brook 284277-1W December 12, 2017
Lee, Kathreen Portia Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery Stony Brook 290326-8W December 6, 2017
Muratore, Christopher Steven Surgery Stony Brook 291165-9W December 6, 2017
Pinkhas, Joseph Surgery Port Jefferson 289041-6W December 6, 2017
Zehr, Rachel Beth Surgery Oneonta 272947-3W December 21, 2017
Golombos, David Michael Urology Stony Brook 283587-4W December 14, 2017
Herman, Michael Paul Urology Valley Stream 244159-0W December 11, 2017

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez