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Subject Number 046-1002 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

November 6, 2017

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Albert, John Moore Anesthesiology Roslyn 289195-0W October 27, 2017
Cruz, Jose Paolo Anesthesiology Buffalo 288693-5W October 18, 2017
Hung, Joseph C. Anesthesiology, Pain Management New York 264669-3W October 18, 2017
Kim, Sang Jo Anesthesiology New York 280204-9W October 18, 2017
Melville, Brian James Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine Rocky Point 280025-8W October 18, 2017
Greditzer, Harry Gus Diagnostic Radiology New York 274799-6I October 16, 2017
Kumar, Yogesh Diagnostic Radiology Cooperstown 289855-9W October 5, 2017
Lavianlivi, Sherlin Diagnostic Radiology Flushing 279071-5W October 27, 2017
Micalizzi, Gerald Joseph Diagnostic Radiology, Internal Medicine Huntington 225913-3W October 16, 2017
Miller, Dena Diagnostic Radiology Fishkill 232210-5B October 18, 2017
Nayak, Gopi Kamlesh Diagnostic Radiology New York 284510-5W October 18, 2017
Qureshi, Zeeshan M. Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 270006-0W October 5, 2017
Kane, Michael Robert Emergency Medicine Poughkeepsie 230490-5B October 18, 2017
Kneib, Jonathan Boyd Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 289098-6W October 5, 2017
Reichman, Meryl Janice Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Fishkill 203173-0B October 16, 2017
Galper, Olga Family Practice Brooklyn 289777-5W October 5, 2017
Genese, Josephine Sun Family Practice Johnson City 268884-4W October 25, 2017
Nelson, Marilyn Mysnyk-Knapp Family Practice Endicott 140659-4W October 25, 2017
Shtein, Lyudmila Family Practice Astoria 259564-3B October 18, 2017
Sonnad, Shantala Family Practice Wappingers Falls 266820-0W October 20, 2017
Tam, Karen Melissa Family Practice Purchase 275120-4W October 5, 2017
Walker, David Alan Family Practice Salt Point 236194-7W October 20, 2017
Wallman, Stephanie Judy Family Practice Smithtown 288963-2W October 24, 2017
McLaren, Donald Patrick-Michel General Preventive Medicine, Public Health Rochester 268136-9W October 27, 2017
Lin, Judith C. Hematology Stony Brook 193904-0B October 16, 2017
Abselet, Denise Ann Internal Medicine Pt Jefferson Sta 196917-9W October 18, 2017
Arguelles, Eric Internal Medicine Huntington 288116-7W October 5, 2017
Fruth, Giacobbe Christine Internal Medicine Port Jefferson 188882-5W October 20, 2017
Genese, Thomas Owen Internal Medicine Binghamton 248735-3W October 25, 2017
Gluz, George Daniel Internal Medicine Syracuse 287404-8W October 25, 2017
Gupta, Ravi Internal Medicine Patchogue 259839-9W October 16, 2017
Kumar, Varun Internal Medicine Fishkill 287254-7B October 18, 2017
Lyubarova, Radmila Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Geriatric Medicine Albany 253982-3W October 20, 2017
Nido, Diana Lauren Internal Medicine Stony Brook 290076-9W October 16, 2017
Nketiah, Emmanuel Obeng Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Middletown 286203-5W October 10, 2017
Obici, Silvana Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Stony Brook 211554-1W October 18, 2017
Quintero, Nazario Eduardo Javie Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Stony Brook 289888-0B October 18, 2017
Rene, Aglae Garvey Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Mount Kisco 266526-3B October 18, 2017
Riccobono, Brianna Internal Medicine Brewster 277279-6B October 20, 2017
Robinson, Kristin Patricia Internal Medicine Albany 271136-4W October 27, 2017
Singh, Sarabjit Internal Medicine Middletown 289868-2W October 5, 2017
Virmani, Rajat Internal Medicine Stony Brook 289688-4W October 16, 2017
Vukasinov, Paunel Internal Medicine Stony Brook 289977-1W October 16, 2017
Walsh, Jared Pierson Internal Medicine Rochester 287698-5W October 20, 2017
Xu, Jing Internal Medicine Stony Brook 290584-2W October 18, 2017
Ziermann, Karl Andrew Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine Poughkeepsie 264937-4W October 18, 2017
Adamo, Matthew Armand Neurological Surgery Albany 252633-0W October 27, 2017
Choudhri, Haroon Fiaz Neurological Surgery Yonkers 214626-4W October 5, 2017
Mohan, Avinash Lalith Neurological Surgery Yorktown Heights 249950-7B October 20, 2017
Skovrlj, Branko Neurological Surgery New York 282358-1W October 16, 2017
Joshi, Shivang Neurology Buffalo 288567-1W October 5, 2017
Zan, Elcin Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology New York 283200-4B October 18, 2017
Burke, William M. Obstetrics/Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology Stony Brook 239828-7W October 16, 2017
Cooney, Elizabeth Jane Obstetrics/Gynecology Glens Falls 289287-5W October 27, 2017
Schmitt, Geri Anne Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 222803-9W October 18, 2017
Flug, A. David Ophthalmology Forest Hills 124736-0B October 27, 2017
Padiyedathu, Julia Mathew Ophthalmology New Windsor 266235-1W October 18, 2017
Pandolfo, Katie Regina Ophthalmology Lake Katrine 287177-0W October 18, 2017
Witmer, Matthew Thomas Ophthalmology Rochester 261709-0W October 5, 2017
Choi, Daniel Eunsuk Orthopedic Surgery Commack 288627-3W October 16, 2017
Duarte, Prieto Guillermo Felipe Orthopedic Surgery Plainview 288396-5W October 27, 2017
Giordano, James Francis Orthopedic Surgery Middletown 272626-3W October 4, 2017
Meis, Regina Maria Orthopedic Surgery Vestal 289671-0W October 25, 2017
Ortiz, Victor Ricardo Orthopedic Surgery New York 288832-9W October 16, 2017
Ricci, William Michael Orthopedic Surgery New York 194025-3W October 18, 2017
Wert, Matthew Alan Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 268312-6W October 5, 2017
Barayeva, Diana Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation New York 284053-6W October 16, 2017
Husain, Syed Asim Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management New York 255539-9B October 18, 2017
Strong, Nicole Angela Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Rochester 287678-7W October 20, 2017
Piddoubny, Walter Psychiatry Stony Brook 281449-9W October 16, 2017
Glass, Samantha Dana Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 283010-7W October 16, 2017
Morim, Aleksandr Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Mineola 283251-7W October 27, 2017
Bellber, Christopher Scott Surgery, Plastic Surgery Stony Brook 271795-7B October 18, 2017
Neitzel, Jeffrey Claude Surgery, Surgery – Surgical Critical Care Cooperstown 288058-1W October 5, 2017
Carlyle, Brent Evans Urology Oneida 288249-6W October 18, 2017
Luong, Benjamin Boe Urology Buffalo 284342-3W October 23, 2017

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez