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Out-of-State Employers

View insurance coverage requirements for out-of-state employers who have workers in New York State.

Out-of-State Employers Insurance Coverage Requirements

Coverage requirements for out-of-state employers who have employees working in NY, or have employees that live in NY, but work elsewhere.


3C Coverage

Employees of out-of-state employers are not deemed to have worked a day in New York State and out-of-state employers will not be required to provide full statutory coverage for employees

  • attending meetings, seminars, conferences or conventions in New York State infrequently (not more than one per month), or
  • traveling through New York State, not stopping for deliveries, pick-ups, or other work.

The employer must have coverage for workers' compensation as required under the laws of its state, and New York must be listed in "Item 3C" on the information page of the employer's workers' compensation insurance policy.

If the insurance carrier writing the out-of-state employer's workers' compensation insurance policy is not authorized to write workers' compensation and employers' liability coverage in New York State by the New York State Department of Financial Services, for the 3C coverage to comply with this policy, the insurance carrier must have completed, signed and filed with the Chair the Consent to NYS Workers' Compensation Board Jurisdiction for Non-New York Licensed Insurers (3C Coverage) (Form C-105.11).

Insurers Authorized to Use 3C Coverage