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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Self Insurance - Disability Benefits

An employer who wishes to self-insure for Disability Benefits must submit the following as part of the application process:

  • DB-150 Application for Self-Insurance - Disability Benefits Law
  • Foundation documents (i.e. certificate of incorporation; partnership agreements; etc.); and
  • An original copy of the applicant's most recent independently audited financial statement.

Upon review and approval of the information submitted, the Self-Insurance Office will issue a conditional approval to the applicant. Final approval will become effective when all documentation, as well as an adequate security deposit, have been received.

The amount of the security deposit will be determined based upon the number of employees that the self-insurer has, in accordance with Part 376.1 of the Rules and Regulations. The self-insurer may terminate their self-insurance at any time. The security deposit maintained by the Board for disability benefits will be returned 24 months after the termination of an employer's status as a self-insurer, after certain requirements have been met (no outstanding claims, assessments have all been paid, contributions, if any, have been disposed of, etc.).

While actively self-insured, employers must submit the following information to the Office of Self Insurance on an annual basis:

  • Number of eligible employees;
  • Amount of covered payroll;
  • Number of employees who received benefits;
  • Amount of benefits paid;
  • Amount of employee contributions; and
  • Estimated employee contributions in the coming year.

Self-insurers must also report who their licensed third party administrator is if claims are not self-administered. Failure to meet any of the reporting requirements may result in termination of the employer's status as a self-insurer.

Please note that although political subdivisions are exempt from providing disability benefits to their employees, they may voluntarily provide coverage. Political subdivisions that elect to provide disability benefits to their employees must post a security deposit and submit annual reports like all other employers who self insure for disability benefits (they are not exempt from these requirements like they are for workers' compensation).