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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to Register

This on-line service is currently available for: Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured Employers, Third-Party Administrators, Attorneys/Licensed Representatives, and Health Insurer Matching Program (HIMP) Vendors.

Before registering you should download the test file from the Overview/Features page to make sure you can unzip it and open the PDF format.

During the registration process you will be asked to enter information about your organization, including the following:

  • Contact Information for the person in your organization who will be the Administrator for this process (able to request password reset, receive emails concerning process from the Board), and
  • Your company's WCB Identification Number (WCB ID).
    • For Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Employers, the WCB ID is the Carrier Identification Number assigned by the Board, which starts with a "W".
    • For Third-Party Administrators, it is the "T" Number assigned by the Board.
    • For Licensed Representatives, it is the "R" Number assigned by the Board.
    • If your business does not have a WCB Identification number, you should contact WCB Customer Support for help with this registration. Indicate to WCB Customer Support that you are registering to download notices.

After submitting the registration, the person noted as the administrator may be contacted by a member of the WCB staff to verify the registration and confirm understanding of the process. A legal agreement will be sent to the Administrator for signature by an officer of your organization. Certain steps are completed on the Board's side, and then the contact is e-mailed a user ID along with a date when the notices will start to appear in your company's directory. Each company is started in a parallel test mode: the electronic notice versions are made available while the paper version of the same notices continue to be mailed as the official notices. The parallel test phase will last 90 days whereupon the organization must choose either to go into production mode (stop mailed paper notices) or go back to just the mailed paper notices. Please refer to the Overview/Features and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.